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Identity Theft: How to Prevent It & How to Repair the Damage

Thanks to a new law, the fight against identity theft is less costly for Americans. Starting September 21, 2018, the day the new federal law was passed, Americans can now initiate a credit freeze at each credit bureau, free of cost. (Previously, credit freezes cost up to $10, with...

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Kids & Cybersecurity: How to Teach Internet Safety

On January 8, 2018, toymaker VTech agreed to pay $650,000 to the Federal Trade Commission. The charge? Secretly collecting and failing to protect the private information of roughly three million children. The settlement stems from a 2015 data breach that exposed the depth of...

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Put Your Savings on Autopilot

We all want to save more, but starting your savings may feel overwhelming at first. How much do you need to save? Where will you find the extra money each month? Let’s start with how much you should save. A good rule of thumb is...

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How to Enjoy Life after Retirement: 6 Steps to Reaching Fulfillment

“I’m retired… Now what?” Does this sound familiar? While most Americans dream of retirement, many are unprepared for the reality. According to a 15-year study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, fewer...

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Money Market Account vs. Money Market Fund: Which is FDIC Insured?

Short answer: While money market accounts are insured by the FDIC (or the NCUA if the account is deposited at a credit union), money market funds are not. Long answer: Money market accounts and money market funds are often...

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